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Common Mistakes on Stretch Mark Removal

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There are certainly a lot of people who struggle with the condition known as striae, more commonly termed as stretch marks. This is a condition which most pregnant women suffer from, although just about anyone can also experience it.

The skin is perhaps the most fragile organ in the human anatomy, despite serving the purpose of being a protective layer over all the internal organs and tissues. It’s also the most apparent, and people reveal certain parts of their skin on a daily basis.

Wearing sleeveless shirts or hanging tops is never a good thing for people who suffer from this condition, especially since they get to show off these rather ugly streaks of skin. With people being able to notice them quite easily, it may be lead to some insecurity problems.

There are various reasons as to why stretch marks develop, with one being rapid increase in body weight. The skin starts to stretch beyond the limits of its elasticity. The skin would start to become thinner and tear, with collagen and elastin fibers becoming ruptured.

This would lead to the format ion of horizontal streaks of silvery skin which start off as reddish lines. There are a lot of people who wish to reduce their presence on their bodies, yet are also quite prone to making mistakes.

In fact, below are some of those mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not doing anything about it – As the scars begin to form on the skin, one has to act instantaneously in order to avoid making the condition a lot worse. A lot of women often witness the development of these marks when they become pregnant, and end up not doing anything. Since there are no known cures for stretch marks, one has to take preventive measures instead. It’s better to act early and simply make the condition a lot less apparent. This can be done through the application of creams containing natural ingredients to keep the skin properly moisturized.
  2. Making use of home remedies – All over the Internet, there are several websites posting guides on how to create remedies using only kitchen ingredients. While this is something that proves practical, one has to realize that not all ingredients are that effective. There may even be some allergic reactions that will arise, especially if no proper research has been made on the compounds and ingredients used. Sometimes it is a lot better to rely on the products which have been medically cleared and validated to help in treating skin conditions, including striae.
  3. Being dependent on surgical procedures – Most people often assume that the only way to alleviate the problem is to undergo surgery. Of course, it’s already been determined that this is a method which can be quite effective. The only downside is that some people actually go way beyond their budgetary limits for this. It’s already quite expensive to buy all sorts of accessories and necessities for a newborn baby, and it surely won’t help one’s savings account to avail of surgery afterwards.

These are the most common mistakes that people commit when trying to reduce the presence of stretch mark problems.

How Is A Stretch Mark Formed?

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Everybody is familiar with a stretch mark. This is because one time or another, they have seen other people with stretch marks or have to deal with their own stretch marks. This is the main reason why stretch marks are a very big deal in the beauty industry.

There are many people who hate having to deal with stretch marks but they have no choice because they got it. It is a good thing that there are many options available that people can actually try out in order to address their stretch mark problem.

But why do stretch marks get formed in the first place?

For those who wish to know, here are some of the reasons behind the cause of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are formed because of overstretched skin

The skin is elastic. However, it is not that elastic as other people may think. If the skin gets stretch too much, it can reach its elastic limit and this in turn results to a very bad skin problem that is called a stretch mark. A person can overstretch the skin in many different ways.

Firstly it can overstretch the skin through getting a growth spurt. It also can happen if the person gains a lot of weight fast. Pregnancy is also one of the leading causes of stretched skin.

When a skin is overstretched, there will be connective tissue right under the surface that will break off. Over time, gelatinous tissue will fill out the break in this area and this in turn, will result to stretch marks.

Stretch marks form perpendicularly to the direction of the stretch

Stretch marks happen in a very unique process. What happens is that it forms perpendicularly to the direction of the stretch. For example, if a person achieves a very fast growth spurt, the body will stretch laterally.

This means the legs will elongate. If the growth spurt happens fast, then the skin will elongate together with the leg. When it gets overstretched, the tear will be in the same direction as the elongation. This results to stretch marks that form horizontally with respect to the leg.

Stretch marks can be treated

Because of the ugly look of stretch marks, the only thing that people think about is removing them right away. It is a good thing that there are many options available that they can try with regards to dealing with their stretch marks.

This includes stretch mark creams, ointments as well as injections. They can also try laser therapy or even surgery if they have exhausted all other available options.

Stretch marks are really a big problem for many people and they are willing to do anything and pay anything just to get their stretch marks removed.

Those who wish to know more about stretch marks can do more research online or actually talk to their dermatologist.

Since dermatologists are experts on the skin, they are the best resources with regards to information on how to address stretch marks properly in a safe and effective manner.